• Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) Ceramics Material

    95% Al2O3 is a versatile ceramic material with many practical applications. We can provide ceramic products with external roughness:0.2-0.3, flatness: <= 0.6u, toleranc:+/-0.03mm, Max. diameter:80mm, length: larger than 100mm products. We are specialized in supplying all kinds of products according to customers’ requirement.



  • Crystals, Sensors & Meters

    Scintillators BGO, LYSO Crystal. Application: Gamma-ray and X-ray detectors such as PET, well logging and high energy physics.

    The Model YE2730 d33 meter is a special instrument directly to measure piezoelectric constant d33 values of piezoelectric ceramics, polymers, and single crystals.

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